Fabio Bressanello

Beauty surreptitiously surrounds and invades us. It hides and awaits us in walls and crevices, momentarily fleeing us in a passing shadow. I wish to re-open your eyes and guide your vision

I was born in Burano in 1967 and it’s in this unique place that I developed my aesthetic sensibility and acquired my pleasure in colors: it’s here that my first photo-camera experiments take form.

Fortunately my quest generates what prove to be very interesting and evocative images, starting from a traditional and descriptive view of Venetian palaces then progressing to images of “elements” of the lagoon, where a shot taken in particular conditions of time and positioning creates a merged imagery of sea and sky. A unique view of infinity where only the spectral outlines of lagoon mooring posts, as with an artist’s graphism on a canvas of light, become undeclared protagonists.

Other shots were dedicated to Venice’s particular ability to reflect its imagery. That idiosyncratic instant when a palace’s reflection momentarily loses it’s form, it’s physicality in the impetuous movement of the waves, becoming renascent in an explosion of scintillating color: an illusory synthesis of pure sensory perception.

Furthermore I’m particularly proud of my images of Venetian walls in all their forms -colored, peeling, damaged, tactile- which when reproduced in large format acquire the disruptive expressiveness of contemporary art: animated by colored backgrounds and large brushstrokes.