Venise, derriére le masque:
une promenade dans la cité des doges en compagnie du photographe vénitien Fabio Bressanello qui vous fera découvrir à travers son regard des angles insolites et peu photographiés de cette ville fantastique. Atelier de photographie tout niveau mais aussi découverte des auberges vénitiennes traditionnelles du marché aux poissons di Rialto etc… Tour en bateau traditionnel vénitien en bois, des canaux de la ville aux iles de la lagune pour des photos inédites . Pour les réservations et le programme complet, contactez nous en message privé !


Stunning photography shot in breathtaking locations. Seems like a simple formula for a photographic tour or workshop right? In theory, yes. Our Photo Tours was built around this central premise, but with an emphasis on quality at all times. Our commitment is to design and lead photographers on cultural travel experiences they will never forget.

Our Photo Tour and Workshop itinerary has been designed by experienced professional photographers, for photographers, with a focus on putting you in the right place at the perfect moment to capture stunning photographs. Your days will be filled with personal contact and attention from pros who will help you nail shots you’ve never imagined, and answer all questions you may have.

Not only will your photography and videography skills improve on our photo tours or workshops, with tips and techniques you’ll bring home with you, but you’ll experience a life-changing adventure steeped in rich culture and natural beauty. Our photo tour or workshop leaders and guides have scouted and photographed these locations numerous times, and are familiar with not only where and what to shoot, but local conditions.

Each photography tour or workshop is diligently planned, researched and scouted for unique photographic opportunities. Some trips have a cultural focus, while others may primarily be wildlife, landscape, or architectural photography—and some a mix of all of these genres combined. In each location, we work with experienced and knowledgeable local guides and drivers, passionate about their country and excited to share it with others.

Our journeys will take you to some of the most amazing destinations in Italy, offering incredible life experiences from a photo tour company focusing on providing exceptional quality and value for our participants. Our hope is to not only share our country with you, but for you to be enriched and inspired by it as we explore its beautiful diversity together.

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